Media Journals

Journal #1 – Morning Vibes x LoveDarbie

This article was not only well written, but it put me in a good mood simply by reading it. The article was short, sweet, and suggestive. The objective of the article was to share the writers morning routine in hopes that somebody would be able to adopt it. It also leaves a call to action by providing a playlist for the readers to actually listen to!

Journal #2 – The 10 Most “Powerful” Lessons on Love and Life Beyonce Taught Us

This article was very interesting because most of the people I know are Beyonce fans. This means that many people will find this article to be very informative and entertaining. It also is suggestive to improve your way of live.

Journal #3 – I Did a 30-Day Prayer Challenge & This is What Happened

This article is an attribute for the spiritual readers. It is also a call to action through the testimonial that it is. It is a very interesting story to follow and can possibly cause a conversation to occur outside of the blog.

Journal #4 – Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ Video Is All About The Best Part Of Make Up Sex

This article was a hot topic because everyone knows Rihanna to be one of the most popular artists in our society. She is a world renown superstar, therefor anything with her name attached to it is sure to draw attention. The article also included the actual video so people wouldn’t have to leave the site in order to see it.

Journal #5 – Cheers to a New Year! x LoveDarbie

This article is very inspirational. It was posted shortly after the new year, and it provided a lot of hope and insight to the readers. It was a testimonial that was also meant to inspire others that ready it. After reading this I felt very motivated to accomplish my goals for the new year.

Journal #6 – How Beyoncé’s “Formation” Proved To Be The “Woke” Anthem Of 2016

This article addressed the controversial issues that occurred for people of color throughout the year of 2016. The fact that Beyonce included these issues in her video made everything a hot topic. This article was sure to draw in readers.

Journal #7 – These 7 Plus Size Swimwear Pieces Are Sexy AF

This article was beneficial for women with more curves. It was subconsciously promoting self-love and discouraging body shaming. I love the concept of this article being an uplifting one.

Journal #8 – Photo Editing Goes Mobile x LoveDarbie

This article was very helpful in regards to improving the quality of your social media. It covers what apps to use in order to enhance your photos, and also suggests using an app to help plan out your Instagram feed. Anyone who cares about their social media presence can truly benefit from reading this article.

Journal #9 – Because Your Wifi Should Look Great x LoveDarbie

This article was a review and a promotion all in one. It promotes a company that specializes in stylish wifi routers that accommodates one’s home decor. This is essential for people who do not like the messy appearance of wires being all over the place.

Journal #10 – Still Believing In Fairytales x LoveDarbie

This article is another motivational read. The content is very personal because the goal is to encourage the readers to follow their dreams and not to forget the things they dreamt about as children. I would recommend this article to my own friends and family as a source of encouragement.

Journal #11 – How To Tell When It’s Time To Throw Your Makeup Away

This article was an educational article for anyone who wears make up. The writer provided a call-to-action by encouraging readers to dispose of make up that could potentially harm them from being expired.

Journal #12 – Play The Part, Dress The Part x LoveDarbie

This Article happens to be one of my favorites because it covers all things fashion! There are also quality images of the writers personal style. There are also links to where the readers can purchase the outfit themselves.

Journal #13 – These 5 Scents That Men Wear Leave Women Weak

This article was aimed specifically at helping men to smell nice in order to satisfy the senses of a woman. I also feel like this article aided in helping many women to pick out gifts for guys. Many men love to smell good, and many women like good smelling men. This article was beneficial for everyone.

Journal #14 – MANicure Guide

This article was educational and suggestive for men to maintain their grooming routines. Not only to look nice but also to enhance their interactions with people they come across in their everyday lives. Links were also left for people to purchase the products mentioned in the article, along with price tags.

Journal #15 – The Most Underrated Color in Menswear: Green & How To Wear It

This article was a fashion based article for men. This market is definitely one to pay attention to simply because there are many men who don’t have strong interests in fashion. These men still would like to look presentable, but with minimal effort. This is why this article and site are very successful.

Journal #16 – Baby Future Zahir Inspires Ciara To Work Harder

This article is about a popular singer by the name of Ciara. By including a celebrity in the article, the writer is sure to have more hits on their site. It is also a very motivational article as well.

Journal #17 – Desert Style Maxi x Style Ageless

This article is a style article addressing fashion while also promoting a clothing line. Since a clothing like is being promoted, links were definitely provided for readers to later purchase the items which they were viewing.

Journal #18 – Spring, Here I Come

This article was inspirational and encouraged readers to be goal oriented. The audience being targeted was specifically college students. The writer was in their last semester of college and talking about their plans post-graduation.

Journal #19 – Sorry Not Sorry

This article was specifically for the uplifting of women to be their own bosses. It addresses the importance of being career oriented and the pursuit of financial freedom.

Journal #20 – The Top 5 Highlighters For Women Of Color

This article is aiming at a specific audience. Women who are directly involved in the consumption of make up, that may not have too many options when in comes to shades that fit their skin tone.



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